February 14, 2017

Golden Goblins ABC: Finishing the project and final thoughts

Long time no write,

And it's always good to put thoughts on (digital) paper and in perspective. 
First of all, the ABC ended in December 2016. I had to put in some extra effort to finish the project. After giving up about 10 times I finally managed to pull through (thanks to Jef and Gijs, they kept pushing me).

So here it is, my finished ABC High Elf army and Display.

Never again!

And here's the story and army list:

"For the last time the lesser races have defiled Great Ulthuan", Caladan roared across the flagship of his fleet: "This time we strike back! We will find Airan's artifact and crush the rest under our heels!". Seawater and goblin blood spraying as he pushed the scewered wretch from his blade into the hungry waves. Caladan and his men had been hunting down a goblin raiding party for days now. The goblins had been raiding Ulthuan's coasts for a couple of months before Caladan convinced the council to strike back in force.
Backed by the Sea Guard he made short work of the goblins. Broccoli-green skinned corpses got thrown out in the seas, tossing and turning in their watery graves. Their crude ships aflame by a magical gesture of Caladan's hand, a bright eulogy for their short and brutal lives.

Sea Guard x 10
Standard Bearer
Sea Guard Hero 
Heavy Armor
Archers x10
Standard Bearer
Sword Masters of Hoeth x10
Armor of Caledor
Standard Bearer
Mage (Rogue Admiral Caladan)
Level 2 Wizard
Blade of Sea Gold
Point Total = 751

Things I learned along the way: 
  • If you start a project like this, don't buy a 2000+ army. Start small, only buy the things you need, you can add stuff later! On the upside, I now own a ton of High Elf bits.
  • Ride the hype, but do it fast. Try to do as much as possible early on when you're still motivated. Seeing all these mini's painted keeps you motivated aswel.
  • Count points before you paint.
  • White is a bitch to paint.
Ofcourse, I wasn't the only one of the ABC bandwagon. I got the chance to take some pictures of other people's glorious armies:

Gijs' Chaos Warriors on a Nurgle corrupted wasteland

Peter's Brettonian Knights doing a victory march

Siska's Chaos demons, straight from a hellish portal

Jef's Japanese inspired Wood Elf grove

Kurt's stout Dwarfs and their mountain hold

I missed a couple of projects (JP and Werner), but damn, these armies looked amazing. I'm very proud to be part of such a great and creative gaming club. Good job folks!

Thats it for now. Hopefully some more on the WoW project somewhere this week.