February 13, 2016

Golden Goblins ABC: Part One!

So it has begun. I'm taking part in the Golden Goblins ABC challenge! I'm really looking forward to this. The challenge is pretty straight forward:

  • Build a 750 7th edition Warhammer army
  • Paint the hell out of it
  • Add an Objective marker
  • Build a display board
  • Play some games!
  • Have fun!
  • Deadline in December
Not only am I finally building a Warhammer army, I'm finally living my childhood dream of building a High Elf army.

Not really a big fan of the normal High Elf Spearmen, I wanted to go for Sea Guard. They just had more flair. They are however, pretty expensive (we're still talking GW here), so I went for the cheaper option of buying everything secondhand.
A couple of minutes of searching I found the 'Island of Blood' pack with some super cool High Elf models and Skaven. The perfect place to start, since you get more plastic for less money. Great!
Still, I'm here waiting for the box to arrive. So, in the meantime, I'm keeping myself busy with the terrain part of the challenge.

First thing on the table: Objective marker.
With a cd as base, some cork, sand, hirst arts casts, some elf bits I had lying around for years and an old Lady Mary statuette, I made my objective marker.

Isn't she a beauty? 

Looking pretty swish right? I still need to work some greenstuff on there, giving the statue some more detail or something. Not to forget it all needs to get painted up. 

A long story short, I'm gonna have a blast this year, working on my High Elf army!