August 2, 2015

What the future holds!

Hey folks,

A quick heads-up on some future projects!
There's a lot of stuff in the pipeline like armies and roleplay related things.
  • Malifaux 'The Kin' painting and basing. I've created some special bases for these guys, cast in resin!
Gremlins don't like to get their feet wet.
  • Mordheim company, from assembly to finished group. I'll also be posting the stats. I'm very new at this game, so there'll be lots to post!
  • Runes of War, my warmahordes list... Halfway there though, still have to finish 2 units of runeshapers and paint 2 runeshaper units, the krielstone unit and doomie. Still a long way to go!
"I've got some runes right here!"
  • Khador 35 points Box + 4 aditional heavy jacks. Still a long way to go. Halfway through my winterguards, wardog and Sorscha...
  • My swamp terrain pieces, tutorial coming soon! I've finished some of the pieces, but I just want to make more. I'ts basicly some puddles/swampy slabs, but I'd like to create some Swamp village pieces.
My swamptroll feels right at home!
  • 'Vallarkand' world building, my Pathfinder setting.
  • 'Vallarkand' Terrain, I've started experimenting with no grid play, so terrain would be cool! There's some walls my friend and I already did (half... we ran out of time before a big game)
  • Maybe a killteam unit
As you can see, there's still loads to do, so follow the blog and watch the progress!


  1. Some great projects there and I like your paintjob on 'Mozes' very much !
    Also very nice swamp terrain !