July 26, 2015

Paint Station

So my paint table is a real mess. I've always wanted to buy a big paint station from lasered mdf or plexi or something, but it gets expensive really fast. 
I like to build things like terrain and models, so why not build myself a paintstation. My mission was to make cheap, mobile (so not overly big) paintstation in a small amount of time. Here's how I went with it.

First I did some planning on a sheet of foamcore I use to paint on. My colorpalette is usually not that large, so 19 colors should suffice. 
One cup for brush and tool storage and one cup for water ofcourse.

How big will everything be? This step has a little math involved. 
Just measuring and sizing up everything.

I used Illustrator to make a quick mockup. I copied the measurements on the foamcore and cut out everything I could. I don't have a circle cutter yet, so that'll have to wait.

Here's where I got without cutting circles, all in an hour's work!

Finally a mobile painting station of my very own! I'm planning on buying some little reading LED's to clamp on there for lighting. Let me know what you think about the project in the comments!