April 12, 2017

01 - Kronieken van Zorkos' Val: Continentale Drift

Uit een Geologische Studie over Metafysische Continentale Drift door de Vallariaanse Keizerlijke Universiteit:

"De connectie tussen Aathar's continenten is nog steeds niet geheel duidelijk. Vermoedelijk scheurde de wereld 1900 jaar geleden niet alleen cultureel maar ook fysiek. Sinds 915 weten Arkanistische Navigatoren de connecties te herstellen door hun bezweringen, maar alleen voor een korte tijd.

Of er nog een fysieke brug is tussen onze continenten is dus geheel onduidelijk. We merken echter wel dat er een metafysische continentale drift bestaat. Zo is nog geen 400 jaar geleden het continent Tanaar compleet onbereikbaar. De Navigatorengilde verloor in die tijd ook veel van zijn economische macht. Het verrassende is echter, dat er andere continenten worden ontdekt, waar deze eerst niet bleken te bestaan. Het merkwaardige en mysterieuze 'Terra Nova' bijvoorbeeld, dat nog geen 100 jaar geleden voor het eerst door Zorkoriaanse ontdekkingsreizigers werd ontdekt."

-- Antonius Bleak, Hoogmeester Metafysische Aatharkunde

February 14, 2017

Golden Goblins ABC: Finishing the project and final thoughts

Long time no write,

And it's always good to put thoughts on (digital) paper and in perspective. 
First of all, the ABC ended in December 2016. I had to put in some extra effort to finish the project. After giving up about 10 times I finally managed to pull through (thanks to Jef and Gijs, they kept pushing me).

So here it is, my finished ABC High Elf army and Display.

Never again!

And here's the story and army list:

"For the last time the lesser races have defiled Great Ulthuan", Caladan roared across the flagship of his fleet: "This time we strike back! We will find Airan's artifact and crush the rest under our heels!". Seawater and goblin blood spraying as he pushed the scewered wretch from his blade into the hungry waves. Caladan and his men had been hunting down a goblin raiding party for days now. The goblins had been raiding Ulthuan's coasts for a couple of months before Caladan convinced the council to strike back in force.
Backed by the Sea Guard he made short work of the goblins. Broccoli-green skinned corpses got thrown out in the seas, tossing and turning in their watery graves. Their crude ships aflame by a magical gesture of Caladan's hand, a bright eulogy for their short and brutal lives.

Sea Guard x 10
Standard Bearer
Sea Guard Hero 
Heavy Armor
Archers x10
Standard Bearer
Sword Masters of Hoeth x10
Armor of Caledor
Standard Bearer
Mage (Rogue Admiral Caladan)
Level 2 Wizard
Blade of Sea Gold
Point Total = 751

Things I learned along the way: 
  • If you start a project like this, don't buy a 2000+ army. Start small, only buy the things you need, you can add stuff later! On the upside, I now own a ton of High Elf bits.
  • Ride the hype, but do it fast. Try to do as much as possible early on when you're still motivated. Seeing all these mini's painted keeps you motivated aswel.
  • Count points before you paint.
  • White is a bitch to paint.
Ofcourse, I wasn't the only one of the ABC bandwagon. I got the chance to take some pictures of other people's glorious armies:

Gijs' Chaos Warriors on a Nurgle corrupted wasteland

Peter's Brettonian Knights doing a victory march

Siska's Chaos demons, straight from a hellish portal

Jef's Japanese inspired Wood Elf grove

Kurt's stout Dwarfs and their mountain hold

I missed a couple of projects (JP and Werner), but damn, these armies looked amazing. I'm very proud to be part of such a great and creative gaming club. Good job folks!

Thats it for now. Hopefully some more on the WoW project somewhere this week.

February 13, 2016

Golden Goblins ABC: Part One!

So it has begun. I'm taking part in the Golden Goblins ABC challenge! I'm really looking forward to this. The challenge is pretty straight forward:

  • Build a 750 7th edition Warhammer army
  • Paint the hell out of it
  • Add an Objective marker
  • Build a display board
  • Play some games!
  • Have fun!
  • Deadline in December
Not only am I finally building a Warhammer army, I'm finally living my childhood dream of building a High Elf army.

Not really a big fan of the normal High Elf Spearmen, I wanted to go for Sea Guard. They just had more flair. They are however, pretty expensive (we're still talking GW here), so I went for the cheaper option of buying everything secondhand.
A couple of minutes of searching I found the 'Island of Blood' pack with some super cool High Elf models and Skaven. The perfect place to start, since you get more plastic for less money. Great!
Still, I'm here waiting for the box to arrive. So, in the meantime, I'm keeping myself busy with the terrain part of the challenge.

First thing on the table: Objective marker.
With a cd as base, some cork, sand, hirst arts casts, some elf bits I had lying around for years and an old Lady Mary statuette, I made my objective marker.

Isn't she a beauty? 

Looking pretty swish right? I still need to work some greenstuff on there, giving the statue some more detail or something. Not to forget it all needs to get painted up. 

A long story short, I'm gonna have a blast this year, working on my High Elf army!

October 5, 2015

Paint station III: More gear!

Quick update!

I bought this magnifying lamp over the weekend in the Lidl. Only €40 - what a no brainer! I havent gotten to testing it in full yet, but I'm really excited to try it out!

Still too busy for tutorials and other stuff though. More about everything in the future!

Ah! New toys!

I did have -some- time to paint one Tau Fire Warrior. Went for a gray/blue-ish scheme. I really like the scheme this far. More on this rather soon.

Hello there little fireguy!

Thanks for tuning in!

August 30, 2015

Kill Team: Tau Crisis Suits & Kroot

Hey folks,

A quick update for you people.
I've had the busiest week at work. People fell sick, some where on vacation, I had to work till 8 pm on some days. Anyways, the weeks before have been very busy too. I kinda lost track of the blog. But here's a little update of some work I've been doing on my Kill Team.

Kroot Mercs, ready for action!

The heavy guys, still have to find smaller magnets to magnetize the weapons and upgrades.

Anyhow, this was the quick update! Keep tuned for more!

August 7, 2015

Tutorial: Swamp Terrain Part 1

Welcome back!

I've been so busy with work, Pathfinder and Warmahordes I've had problems with finding more time to do this tutorial. But finally, here it is... Part 1 that is.

Ok, first things first, the stuff we need to make swamps (well, some of the things, but this is for the first part).

  • Foam Core, the core of most terrain pieces! I used 5mm foam core I had lying around for years now.
  • White Hobby Glue, you know... the gluey kind.
  • Spackle or Filler, I used wallfiller I had lying around. Any kind will do, especially the cheap stuff.
  • Sand, to pretty it up a bit. I used bird sand, I think it has a nice texture to it.
  • A cutting mat or board, you do not want to ruin your table.
  • Stanley knife or exact-o blade, other brands will do fine!
  • Popsicle stick, I got loads thanks to summer.
A nice picture for reference!

First things first! Take the foam core and your blade and cut it into a round-ish shape. Make it look natural with some curvature. Easy enough. Just don't cut your fingers, fingers bleed like pigs and the blood WILL go everywhere. 

 Nice and easy!

 Keep cutting those foam core sheets!

Good job at cutting those sheets, champ! The next step is a little trick I learned from the model train builders. You can choose to make this the first step, it doesn't really matter.
It's time to remove the paper from one side of the sheet. It's really easy, but one of the best tips I've learned: Run some hot water, the hotter the better. Take your sheet and let the water run over the top. Make sure the hot water dissolves all the glue that holds the paper and the foam together. It should take a couple of seconds. You don't have to soak it, just heat it up a bit. Then peel it off.
I suppose it's even easier when you have a heat gun. Just blast the paper and peel it off.

*I've had a little problem removing the paper from very old foam core, so beware of that.

Scissors don't beat paper, hot water does!

Next step! Bevel the edges! Just take your sharp knife and cut in a 45° angle around the edges. This shouldn't take very long. Don't worry about mistakes like small holes dull blades make, we're gonna fix them in a later step.

No more sharp edges or corners, sweet!

The next step is the least fun. Well, the way I do it is just shit. Let me know if you find a better way, because you probably will.
I take my fingernails and pluck out the inner part of the foam. I leave a ring of foam around the edge of the sheet. Make sure you do not destroy the paper on the other side of the sheet. It doesn't take long though.
 When you do a lot of these like this, it will hurt your thumb. You have been warned.

Make sure you keep a ring of foam.

Now back to the fun part! I use filler for this part. It looks tasty but its not food. Believe me.
Take a popsicle stick, scoop up some filler and 'splotch' it in the corners and rough ugliness you made with your fingernails. Sure, you can keep some holes in there, but this will make everything look a little bit smoother.
I promise you its not goat cheese!

Work it in with that pop-stick! 

It should look like this when you're done.

And hey presto! We've got a nice base to work from! Let the filler dry, it shouldn't take that long.
This is the last step of this tutorial. Make sure to follow me for Part 2!


August 2, 2015

What the future holds!

Hey folks,

A quick heads-up on some future projects!
There's a lot of stuff in the pipeline like armies and roleplay related things.
  • Malifaux 'The Kin' painting and basing. I've created some special bases for these guys, cast in resin!
Gremlins don't like to get their feet wet.
  • Mordheim company, from assembly to finished group. I'll also be posting the stats. I'm very new at this game, so there'll be lots to post!
  • Runes of War, my warmahordes list... Halfway there though, still have to finish 2 units of runeshapers and paint 2 runeshaper units, the krielstone unit and doomie. Still a long way to go!
"I've got some runes right here!"
  • Khador 35 points Box + 4 aditional heavy jacks. Still a long way to go. Halfway through my winterguards, wardog and Sorscha...
  • My swamp terrain pieces, tutorial coming soon! I've finished some of the pieces, but I just want to make more. I'ts basicly some puddles/swampy slabs, but I'd like to create some Swamp village pieces.
My swamptroll feels right at home!
  • 'Vallarkand' world building, my Pathfinder setting.
  • 'Vallarkand' Terrain, I've started experimenting with no grid play, so terrain would be cool! There's some walls my friend and I already did (half... we ran out of time before a big game)
  • Maybe a killteam unit
As you can see, there's still loads to do, so follow the blog and watch the progress!